I overslept. 4 hours. Got to the course at 12:55pm, but it actually started at 8.30am. So I just threw myself on a bike and swooooshed down to Nedre Slottsgate, where the course is being held. But I got atleast 3 hours and the lunch wasn't all that, so I didn't miss much. I thought it's gonna be at Grand Hotel, but no, it was at a smaller hotel, haha! Oh well. My mom is gonna be my alarm clock tomorrow, so she's gonna call me a 7.30am. Crossing my fingers that I'll hear her calling.

Now I'm watching a movie called "A cure for wellness", it's alright, not the best movie I've seen, but it's okay. I'm watching through Plex, and I'm connected to two of my friends that has a lot of movies, they downloaded. So I don't have to do that anymore. Trying out Rick & Morty, even though I hate Morty's voice, haha and I love Rick and his weird voice. I'm watching one episode of that show every night before I go to bed.

A great song for this week.