The course I'm going to, started today at 8.30 am, thats way too early for me. And it lasts for three days, but hey, it's free food. Free lunch, oh joy! Can't say no to that. 

I was a bit afraid it was gonna be dead boring, but it wasn't that bad. One of the lecturer was a bit over happy, but it went fine. Tomorrow we are gonna start at 8.30 am and eat at some fancy restaurant with two courses, aaaweee, dessert for meee! ^^ I look very forward to that!

On Thursday it's a staff meeting and after that I had actually the day off, but got a task from my boss to close the bar outside, and I can't really say no to more work. I need the money before my vacation! ^^ And I had Friday off, but my boss asked me so nicely if I could work a couple of hours, and I said ofc yes. So I'll probably go to my parents house on Sunday.


It's getting cold and all I have is my candles and they only burn for 4 hours, god damnit. Need new ones. Oh well.