I got Monday off, so I planned to have a movie night with one of my friends at work, at her place of course. Cause I really don't have a TV, but I actually do have a TV, but I use it for a PC screen. So we ordered some takeaway from Yaya's and managed to go the wrong way, we just walked passed it. Oh well, after a tiny nice walk, we went back to the restaurant, picked up our food and went to the store to buy coffee, so Raluca could survive her mornings this week. ^^ When we got back to her place, we watched two movies, Zootopia and Hotel Transylvania. Two great movies!! Must see!! And you must see Hotel Transylvania 2, that's actually better than the first one!

I got Shakira's song on the brain, ammagad. It's stucked in there. But such a great movie though! ^^ (Zootopia)

So all these 3 movies are on Norwegian Netflix. So no excuses there.