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I was scheduled to work from 4pm, but when I got there, there were so few people, that I got the day off. Yey, friday! Sine and Andreas had worked the day shift, so I sat down with them and Raluca was waiting to get the day off, for some reason it took a while. But she got the day off as well, we took a couple of beers at Skansen before we headed down to Alberts Bistro.


Agnieszka & Olayemi



Albert Bistro

It was only Sine, Andreas, Raluca and I that went down to the harbour, the other ones had to work! Raluca and I ordered burgers, mine was very tasteless, but I had a great time, so I forgot to complain haha! And medium burger, doesn't mean red inside of it.


After main course, we shared a dessert, oh my, I took like one bite and I already felt that my stomach was doing some shady business down there, so I stopped eating. ^^ After we'd paid, Raluca drove me home, Sine went home with the bus and Andreas went out out, partey. 

A suuuuper nice evening! Well, it started to rain, but luckily we found a cozy place outside.