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Hi there, I'm alive.. I just forgot my blog. 

My blog has not my priority at all and I haven't been on vacations or anything lately, so I don't have much to tell.

  • Bought new plants, 3 fake ones and 3 cactuses.
  • I've deleted my instagram, so tired of the whole thing. I'm posting pictures here.
  • Been more active on Twitter, writing mostly in English.
  • I've dropped a lot of shows, from 50 to 23 shows.
  • I'm working a lot and play a lot of Xbox.
  • I've teached Tarzan to give hi5. ;)
  • Done with House of Cards.
  • Done with Orange Is the New Black and Glow.

I've been out eating with a friend, a week ago, at Burger Bar. The burger sucked so badly, tasted nothing and the sweet potato fries was wet, like ew. I remember I was on a date there once and I didn't know you had to order french fries, like extra, so I got a burger that was raw. Mmm, not. Never going back there. I also been to a birthday dinner, for Elizabeth, we ate at Hanami and took a drink at LingLing, she works there. After the drink they went out, and I went home. I'm saving money!