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I had like 5 alarms on and didn't hear any of them, my boss called at 12pm and asked where I was, yes, I overslept. And my ears were fucked, so couldn't hear a thing. After putting clothes on and was ready to leave, I found dogpoop on the floor. Hadn't time to pick it up, so I left in a hurry to catch a tram. But of course, no tram or no bus in sight, cause it was a fucking marathon going on. So I walked as fast as I could to St.Hanshaugen and found a cab. A cab with doors that went up, and not like out to the side as regular cars. So so fancy that I tipped the driver 50kr. I charged my phone at work and suddenly the phone got lost. So I accused all my sweet colleagues at work for stealing my phone, but then one of colleagues found my phone on the floor. Wow. I think I'm starting to get insane, more than ever. On my way home, still no tram or buses were going up to my street and I had to go to the toilet so badly. When I finally got home, I tried to open the door with my key and found out that I hadn't locked my door. Just fucking great.