I hate to write about myself. Buuut here it goes;

I'm in my early 30s, born in '85.
I live in Oslo with my dog, Tarzan is his name.
I adopted him in April 2015, he's just 5 years old.
Working as a waitress at a restaurant called Café Skansen.
I don't have a bachelor degree or master.
I love Snapchat.
I spend too much time on my Xbox and watching tvshows.
I play a lot of shooting games, but some indie-games as well.
I love horror and thriller movies. I hate romantic drama and romantic comedy.
I do listen to music and indie-rock is my all top favorite, but when I'm walking to and from work, I listen to THIS.
I'm trying to stop eating chocolate and candy, for my teeth, not for my health.
I love taking pictures, of everything and nothing.
I need to wear glasses when I'm at the cinema, driving a car and watching TV.
i'm so so so addicted to Pepsi Max & yoghurtnuts.
I got my driver license two days before I turned 29.
I'm a meat lover and I love animals. It's complicated. ^^
I have my own apartment, bought and paid for.
I have like a 10 y/o kids' brain, I love all talk about farting and pooping. Still.